The Breviarium Romanum contains the calender of the city of Rome for the Ordinary Time of the year. Therefore, for those outside of Rome the breviary will be adapted with feastday-calenders of specific dioceses: the so-called Propria. In these propria one will find the texts for Saints of regional or even national importance. But not only dioceses have their own calenders adapting the Roman one. Many orders have their own too.

We are happy to present an initial collection of appendices that will allow for adaptation of the new edition of the Breviarium Romanum. All these booklets are produced in two colour print on very thin bible paper similar to the breviary itself. The pages are stapled twice at the back. The format of the booklets is a little bit smaller than the breviary volumes themselves.

Additionally the corners are rounded, so the booklets can be easily inserted at the end of the breviary. The texts inside are arranged in the same way as the Proprium Sanctorum within the breviary itself. Hence the feasts come with references to other parts of the breviary, e.g. the Commune Sanctorum, psalms or the Sunday Compline.

As of now we can offer you the following texts as addenda to the breviary:

Appendix France

Because of the multiplicity of French dioceses there had been appendixes for breviary and missal editions as early as the end of the 19th century. These have provided the most important feasts for the French as they were celebrated in most French dioceses.This new Appendix for France comes in two small booklet each of 16 pages. The booklets contain, first and foremost, the feasts of St. Jeanne d’Arc and Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, celebrated as second class feasts. Additionally you will find the feast of: Geneviève, Bernadette Soubirous, Clotilde, Jean Marie Baptiste Vianney, Remigius and Dionysius, Rusticus and companions.

The price for the complete set of two booklets while ordering a breviary is:     18,- EUR.
                                                                                        (the usual price: 28,- EUR)

Appendix USA

Also for the dioceses of the United States of America there have been early appendixes with the most important feasts of all dioceses of the USA. This Appendix contains 16 pages. The most important feast is December 12th: Our Lady of Guadalupe, given as a second class feast with all the readings and texts needed. Furthermore there are the feasts of: Peter Claver, Isaac Jogues & Jean de Brébeuf and companions, St. Isidor of Madrid (the farmer) and St. Francesca Xaviera Cabrini.

The price for this booklet is: 10,- EUR

Appendix Deutschland

Also in Germany there are a small number of feasts that are celebrated in all German dioceses. But in former times the texts of these feasts would vary from one diocese to another. As recently as 1962 the texts were made more uniform. Therefore we are able to present a small number of very important feasts as they are said in almost all of our German dioceses. Outstanding are the feasts of St. Bonifac and St. Peter Canisius as second class feasts.
Furthermore, the 16 pages booklet contains the feasts of St. Clemens Maria Hofbauer, St. Herrmann Joseph, St. Konrada Parzham, St. Ulrich, St. Hildegard and St. Wolfgang.

The price for this booklet is: 10,- EUR

Hymni Antiqui

Under Pope Urban VIII. the Breviarium Romanum was modified in 1631. Part of the changes was the revision of many hymns, some were even completely changed. Urban VIII played an important part in this. He personally composed some of the new hymns. Since then there has been the demand to say the hymns as they had been prior to the changes under Pope Urban VIII. In order to grant this wish the old versions were published under Pope Pius X as an Appendix to the edition of the Antiphonale Romanum of 1912. Also the post Vatican Council version of the Latin liturgy of the hours ‘Liturgia horarum’ contains once again some of these old versions: the so called ‘Hymni Antiqui’.
The 32 pages booklet contains the old versions of the hymns as given in the Antiphonale Romanum of 1912.

The price for the booklet while ordering a breviary is:     12,- EUR     (usual price: 18,- EUR)


nova & vetera isn’t able to provide the multitude of Propria for all the various dioceses of the Catholic world, according to the statutes of 1962. But we make an offer  to produce the Proprium for every diocese, order or community if the costs for printing can be borne by those interested in its publication.